I’m available for hire for the following other types of musical services:


I can assist with either:

  • Transcription of music from your favorite song or artist.

Let’s say you want to learn one of your favorite bluegrass guitar (or other string instrument) solos. Send me the recording and a             description of the section you wish to learn (or the whole tune if need-be) and I will write it out in Tab or music form for that particular stringed instrument (Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo or Electric Bass). I will also include a recording with some explanations of tricky sections or specific fingerings that work best and so on.

This can be done for any of your favorite recordings from virtually any genre (Blues, Hard Rock, Folk, Bluegrass, Classical, etc.).  

Also if you’re having difficultly with a song you wanted to learn and got off the Internet – I can help!  This can be very frustrating – it may be incorrect – I can help you figure out that out and correct it and I may also be able to help you find an easier way to play it.

  • Transcription of music composed by you, or a friend or relative.

You may have recorded a song that you created, but would like to have it in sheet music form.  OR:  Your “Aunt Mary” may have sung songs that she created herself with no instrumental accompaniment.  I can write you a “Lead Sheet” to either of the above, and in the case of “Aunt Mary,” I can write in the chords for an accompaniment instrument to play.


Recording your original music falls into 3 categories:

  •  Professionally producing and recording your song or instrumental piece.

I have several studios that I work with both in the Capital Region and the Poughkeepsie area.  We would meet in a particular studio, set up an arrangement of your song and record it with any back-up instrumentation that is to your liking.

I have produced entire CD’s by local artists in this manner from the inception of the idea to a finished product with cover art.

  • Enhancement of your original song or instrumental.

 You may already have a recording of you singing your song with a single instrument as accompaniment behind you. I can take this basic recording and add strings, electric guitar, Bass guitar, Banjo, drums or anything else you might imagine to add atmosphere to your “Basic Track.” 

  • Setting your words or poetry to music.

 This comes back to the idea of “Aunt Mary” who has been writing poems all her life.  Maybe on her passing, a family member would like to see one or more of her poems set to music to play at her memorial service. I will take the words, create a melody and accompaniment, and produce a finished recording that can be played for family and friends.
I am also available to review and edit written music.  I can provide a fresh look at music you have written to review with a critical eye for changes and edits you may have overlooked.   
Cost for these various services
This would vary on a case by case basis, depending on the length and complexity of the project. I would be able to give you an estimate with a 15% leeway up or down. Sometimes if a project looks like it is going to be “Over Budget,” we can cut costs by keeping the arrangement more sparse, thus spending less time in the studio. I will always try to come up with a price that is cost effective for you.